Reduction Depot can help you establish a secure, compliant, comprehensive, and cost effective information destruction solution. We offer a variety of flexible destruction programs customised to your organisation’s needs. From special projects to ongoing, scheduled programs.

Confidential destruction not only protects your company but also ensures that documents are recycled rather than ending up in a landfill.

  • Shredding Documents  We will come to your office and collect documents that you designate are ready for secure shredding. These documents are put into a secure, locked container and taken to a plant based shredding facility. For added protection, after each destruction project, you are given a Certificate of Destruction, which provides you with proof of destruction and also demonstrates your company’s compliance to your records management policies and procedures.
  • Secure Collection Containers  Reduction Depot will install secure collection containers throughout your facility. These are strategically placed throughout your premises for easy and convenient use by all employees. Simply place your papers in the container and leave the shredding to us. The process is entirely hassle-free.

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